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About Us

Our Dance Academy

Established in 1976 by Padmabhushan Awardees Dr(s). Raja and Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy, Natya Tarangini was started with an idea to globally popularize Kuchipudi style of classical dance. 42 years since its establishment, Natya Tarangini has evolved from a simple Kuchipudi dance school into a unique Performing Arts Centre encompassing all activities involved in preservation and promotion of Arts.

Nandjeet Khemka Art Gallery

Natya Tarangini also promotes other art forms through its Art Gallery ‘Nandjeet Khemka Art Gallery’ wherein the Paintings / Sculptures of various artists are displayed.

Music Classes

At Natya Taragini, both Hindustani vocal and Carnatic music are been taught. Around the 12th century, Hindustani classical music diverged from what eventually came to be identified as Carnatic classical music. Hindustani music places more emphasis on improvisation and exploring all aspects of a raga, while Carnatic music is primarily composition-based. The central notion in both these systems is that of a melodic mode or raga, sung to a rhythmic cycle or tala.

Yoga Classes

Yoga’s motto is simple: a healthy mind inside of a healthy body. This stands for a lot of what yoga can do for you, including helping you to let go of stress, help the pain in your back or other areas of your body, and even help you shave off a few extra pounds. Yoga allows the yogi to concentrate their body and soul into one, performing the act as one individual that is sure to meet your needs.

Raja Radha RangManch

The young promising artist in whom the founders foresee that they are capable of taking this art forward – future buds are nurtured in our Raja Radha Rangmanch.