Vishnu is the heart of Shiva and likewise, Shiva is the heart of Vishnu.

Choreography: Raja Radha Reddy Production director: Kaushalya Reddy

Shiva Bhujanga Strotam

Anadyanthamadhyam , param thathwamartham,
Chidakaramekam, thurreyam thwameyam,
Haribrahma mrugyam, Parabrahma roopam,
Mano vagatheetham maha shaivameede.

Swashakthyadhi shakthyantha simhasanastham,
Mano hari sarvanga rathnabhi bhoosham,
Jataheendugangastha sasyarka moulim,
Param shakthi mithram nama pancha vakthram.

Vishnu Bhujang Stotram
Namaste Jagannata Vishno, Namasthe,
Namasthe Gadha Chakrapane Namasthe,
Namasthe Prapannarthiharin namasthe,
Samasthaparadham Kshamaswakhilesa

I meditate on that great light called Shaiva,
Which has no beginning nor end,
Which is the real meaning of philosophy,
Which is the only one form of holy knowledge
Which is Thureeya, the blissful fourth state,
Which is the unknown which was,
Searched by Lord Brahma and Vishnu,
And which is the form of ultimate truth.

I salute that God with five faces,
Who sits on the throne of Adhishakthi,
Using his own strength,
Who wears mind stealing ornaments,
Made of jewels all over his body,
Who wears mated locks, snake,
Moon and the river Ganga on his head,
Who has moon and sun as his eyes,
Who is the eternal god,
And who has always with him Shakthi as consort.

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