Choreography: Raja Radha Reddy Production director: Kaushalya Reddy

This is a satirical drama written by Bhodhayana around the advent of Christian era with a stress to ridicule and make fun of the then living style of Buddhist monks who came into its fold not by love of it but as it offered an easy livelihood.

Vasantsena, a charming courtesan wanders in the garden in her casual routines enjoying the beauty of nature with her sakhis. Yamadhoota, on directions of the God of Death, enters the garden and in the disguise of a snake takes life out of Vasantasena leaving her dead on the ground.

Shandilya, a Buddhist monk and an ardent lover of Vasantasena is horrified to see her dead and still. He is totally lost in grief. His Guru Parivrajaka, a true Buddhist, tobring him back from gloom to enlightenment preaches Aadhyayanam i.e. Buddham Sharanam Gachhami, Sangham Sharanam Gachhami and Dhammam Sharanam Gachhami. But this is of no avail to Shandilya and in turn Shandilya challenges his guru Parivrajaka to use his Yogic powers and bring Vasantsena back to life.

Parivrajaka, through his art of ParakayaPravesa drives his own soul from his body into the still body of Vasantasena. As the transformation is completed, Vasantasena comes to life but starts behaving like Parivrajaka.

On the other side, Yama Dharma Raja, the God of Death finds that Yamadoota by an error had taken out the life of Vasantasena. He orders Yamadoota to restore the life of Vasantasena into its body before it is cremated. Yamadoota on reaching the garden is surprised to find Vasantasena active with life and it took no time for him to realize that Parivrajaka was at play. Mischievously enough Yamadoota leaves the soul of Vasantasena in the still body of Parivrajaka which is lying around. Oh,
now it is Parivrajaka’s turn to behave like Vasantasena.

This interchanging of souls with the interpolation of bodies leaves a note of mockery and fun. The mockery ends with the Yamadoota restoring the souls into the respective original bodies in a melodramatic style.

This dance drama is enacted with the observation of Poorvarangam as is customary of Kuchipudi style of presentation. The practice of performing Poorvarangam include preparing the stage before presenting the actual presentation.

Images of Bhagavadajjukeeyam: