Mahanatam “A tribute to the cosmic Dance of Shiva” Choreography & Concept by: Drs. Raja Radha Reddy.
Artistic Director: Kaushalya Reddy

Mahanatam was premiered in 2011 at Shreyasi International Dance Festival, New Delhi and it got standing ovation from the audience. Thereafter this item has been presented all over the world and has won the praise of the audience.

Mahanatam is an ode to Lord Shiva also known as Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer,
whose dance animates the universe from within. Lord Shiva expresses the primeval
fusion of male and female energies. He is the creator of the majestic
Tandavam(masculine dance) and lyrical Lasyam (feminine dance) which are an
internal part of all creatures of the universe.

These Tandava Lasya Elements are based on GATI-KARANA and CARI accompanied by selected Talas with wonderful elaboration in dance syllables. The Gatis, Karanas and Charis are the main features and are inter-connected which Shiva and Parvati have conceived in their exuberance of delight during the dance- festivals in Kailash. These are currently in vogue and are used by us in Natyas, Natakas and dances.

The music for this production is apostrophic and descriptive. The dancers depict the creation of Lasya and Tandava and its infusion into the creatures of the earth such as the peacock, elephant, deer etc. It is said when Lord Shiva danced five rhythms sprang from his feet. The dancers conclude with an intricate rhythmic piece which defines these five rhythms, giving an electrifying climax to “Mahanatam”

Images of Mahanatam: