Natyam “Classical Dance Presentation” Choreography: Raja Radha ReddyProduction Director: Kaushalya Reddy

Dance (Natyam) provides a unified forum for universal enlightenment to discerning people of different tastes. There is no wisdom or knowledge, art or craft, device or action that cannot be expressed through dance. India, our country is full of diversity. People belonging to different religions, castes, communities inhabit here. They all share its rich cultural heritage with the spirit of oneness. Nurtured for centuries, dances in India have evolved in different parts of the country with their own distinct style taking on the culture of the particular region, each acquiring its own flavour and through the ages have developed as mature classical dances, surviving for nearly 3000 years in our country. Bearing in mind the shloka “Ekam Samaradhanam”, Raja and Radha Reddy have conceived a unique presentation, which is an amalgamation of the six major dance forms of India.

The programme Natya-laya Vibhati is a creative interpretation of the aesthetical matrix of the cadenced rhythm in the multi-layered edifice of Indian dance tradition. Each of these classical dances has a rhythm and music of their own. Yet, like the statement from the Rigveda explains, “Ekam Sat, Viprah Bahudha Vadanti” meaning that there is only one Supreme being; but wise men describe that as having various names and forms. This applies to Indian classical dance as well. The origin of all Indian dances is one, the divine, but over time, each of these have attained different forms due to the provincial preferences etc.

In one time cycle, each of these six dancers performs with different gatis (rhythms). They show the individual virtuosity of their respective dance form.  Finally, they join together and present their individual dances at one pace. Each of the dancers will give detailed description about NATYA-LAYA VIBHATI in their respective styles. The topmost performers in the respective discipline are performing each of these styles. These are:

Kuchipudi Telugu Land
Mohiniattam Kerala
Odissi Orissa
Manipuri Manipur
Bharatnatyam Tamilnadu
Kathak North India

Images of Natyam: