Natya Rasanubhuti
Choreography: Raja Radha Reddy Production director: Kaushalya Reddy

Titled ‘Natya Rasānubhuti ‘ – Aesthetic Delight of Dance is a unique Kuchipudi dance production with an entirely different take on the subject of Rasa. The production ably takes up social issues linked through the traditional subject of Navarasas. The idea is to help people realise how closely we are linked as a community and how we are constantly in touch with our basic emotions and are never alone in our feelings.

Rasa (sentiment) Dance has always been a tool of communication. In the early times it was a form of expression of inner self and to banish the anguish of the soul. Since then it has evolved into a tool of entertainment and education sometimes even addressing social issues for the betterment of people. One of the core principles of dance established by the Natya Shastra is ‘Rasa’ (sentiment). Rasa by definition means ‘that which is relished’. It is one of the fundamental factors of human existence and is what drives human interactions and experiences and influences action to life.

Bharata calls human soul as Bhava-Jagat (the world of emotions). When we talk about rasas we immediately associate it with the ‘Navarasas’ or Nine sentiments prescribed in the Natya Shastra. These are the Nine basic emotions which underlie human existence. These have been interpreted by many scholars and artists in ‘vyakta’ for an individual, their connection to God and their link to the ‘Sahrudaya’ connoisseur.

The proposed project ‘Natya Rasānubhuti’ is a unique take on the nine basic sentiments, where we treat the delineation of Rasa not just as an individual but as a community, where we explore through the expression and reception of the NINE basic emotions as collective. How we feel as Nation, as a Village, as a Family, as a Group of friends or simply as a Community. Thus showing, it is possible for people to collectively feel an emotion and express it together, simultaneously as a group of people, linked or unlinked to each other.

Images of Rasanubhuti: