Shiv Leela
Choreography: Raja Radha Reddy Production director: Kaushalya Reddy

Shiva in his multifaceted manifestations exemplifies the concept of the one Supreme Being who resolves within himself all the conflicts on this earth. He is at once the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer of the universe. He is Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer, whose dance animates the universe from within. He leads us out of chaos into calm meditation as the Supreme ascetic. He expresses the primeval fusion of male and female energies and at the same time is the supreme embodiment of male power, worshipped as the lingam.

Kuchipudi, the classical dance form of South India is an ideal medium to portray the range of Shiva’s manifestations through interpretation of selected lyrics and compositions, specially choreographed for this presentation.

We bow to the venerable, auspicious Shiva
Whose body is the entire universe,
Whose speech is the entire language of mankind
Whose adornments are the moon and the stars.

This lyric, which is apostrophic and descriptive, highlights the wonder that is Shiva. Self born (Swayambhu), formless and yet so majestic when he appears as the cosmic dancer (Nataraja). He is at once the protector and the destroyer, a manifestation of that power is the refuge granted to the young Markandeya and punishment accorded to Yama the God of Death. To protect the cosmic order of life, Shiva shows his power of endurance by consuming the poison that emerges during Amruthamanthana. The song proceeds to delineate the other apsects of Shiv’s leela, his romantic marriage to Uma, and his fury let loose upon Kama and Tripurasura.

Finally Shiva’s supreme manifestation as NATESA – NATARAJA dancing at the Kailash mountains before a multitude of sanges, mortals and celestial beings. While the Gods and Sages rejoice, Lord dances his various adornments, swings in unison with the rhythm of his dance along with his consort Parvathi.

Images of Shiv Leela: